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We have talked about the advantages of having a good arsenal of emoticons in your chat sessions. They are funny and they can express graphically sensations that are hard to explain just with words. MSN (now called Windows Live Messenger) is one of the most popular IM clients and they have decided to give you some more.

Microosfot have decided to go one step towards 3D world and they have released free pack of ten 3D emoticons for Messenger.

The pack includes ten emoticons, and the are: Rebeld, mock, no, shy, crying, wink, ill, in love, yes and smile. They are not a lot, but they are the most common used ones.

It is installed very easily, just run the application and the emotions will be added to your IM client and they'll be ready to use whenever you chat with your friends.

Give your MSN a new 3D look with this free original pack of 3D emoticons.
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